The Dynamic Business Blueprint

AXIA Strategists believes that Innovation driven by a talented

and passionate team should be at the core of all business activities. 

We have developed an innovative approach that provides decision makers with 360 degree perspective on what we believe to be the 4 pillars of value creation:  

  • A Strategy that is attainable, sustainable and valuable;
  • A Risk management practice that favors rapid alignment on key issues and priorities;
  • A Concept of Operation that converges execution to efficient operation;
  • A Performance practices that ensure that growth is optimized.


The                      Framework

Complementing the existing management team for business with partial management team or in transition, the professional of Axia Strategists can complement existing team for a full spectrum or partial set of skills, full or part time and for period of 3-24 months according to the requirements of the situation.  Axia would provide complementary skills during the interim period and participate in the identification and negotiation of the permanent management team once the business has successfully graduated from the transition phase.  

The Business Diagnostic to assess the merit of an investment proposal for new or existing opportunities.  The diagnostic provides the stakeholders with a thorough review of the business end-to-end processes.  The review covers all aspects of the business activities including the innovation generation, intellectual property protection, product development/ manufacturing / deployment,sales & marketing activities, finance & risk management, team effectiveness and governance.  The Diagnostic Services intends to provide clients with a complete review of the business strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities and with a suggested critical path to value creation with gates, building blocks and priorities.


Ongoing Coaching that provides support to the business’s management team and create an efficient interface with the various stakeholders.  Axia Strategists is composed of former investors and operators that understand the reality of entrepreneurs and  having the experience to prepare them for the business environment challenges.  Our professionals will assist the stakeholders and the management team in the development of an optimal business strategy broken down in a gating framework with its corresponding milestones and risks factors.  When appropriate, AXIA could assist in the identification of Directors and complementary members to the management team.  Finally, our professional can provide support in the negotiation of both commercial and financial partnerships, including the identification of prospects, the preparation of presentation documents and by providing guidance in the negotiating of the partnership agreements.  

Creating the Business Innovation Map for businesses evidencing the potential of global leaders in their respective markets.  High growth companies are struggling with balancing today’s operational priorities with tomorrow’s business opportunities, thus often being passed by disruptive solutions.  AXIA can assist management in deploying disciplined Innovation Mapping practices to provide relevant and timely intelligence on the business broader Ecosystem.  By partnering with research centers and having access to scientists globally, Axia can also contribute to the enrichment of the innovative capability of the business and its immediate ecosystem.

Implementing and supporting Strategic Advisory Board to businesses with adequate operational abilities requiring on-going advisory support in various areas of its affairs.  When appropriate, Advisory Boards can provide significant contribution to the validation of business strategies by allowing management team to access proven operational and market intelligence.  Through its network, AXIA provides access to global advisors with relevant expertise from start-up to market proliferation


Developing Superior Branding and Customer experience strategy to maximize the return on you commercial efforts, strengthening the front end of the business and your ability to project the right image and improve your ability to interact fruitfully with your customers.  Our team has worked with Global 50 companies and can bring their discipline and quality of brand to your business.  

Our Services

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